Death by a Thousand Cuts

Women are being forced out of careers in science and engineering, not because they can’t juggle babies and Bunsen burners, but because they’re discouraged at every turn by thousands of small, sexist moments that make them feel unwelcome and unworthy. Reddit interim CEO Ellen Pao, who just lost a major sexdiscrimination lawsuit against her former employer, called it a “death by a thousand cuts”.

In Canada, women are enrolling in science and engineering in record numbers, but don’t win awards and don’t stay in the field. -What’s happening?
Up until now, research on the dearth of women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) has mostly focused on the pipeline issue: namely, the more women you get into undergraduate classes, the more will come out the other end. However the percentage of women in the working field remains low. When it comes to recognizing a body of work with an award or a prize, the numbers are just as discouraging.

PDF “Do the Math”, by Zane Schwartz, in: MacLeans Magazine, 17 April 2015.