Elsbeth Stern’s work on physics education was featered in the Swiss media

Prof. Elsbeth SternWork by Women Professors Forum co-Vice Chair Elsbeth Stern on physics education has recently been featured in the Swiss media.

Congratulations to Elsbeth Stern on the visibility and impact of her paper on “Enhancing physics learning with cognitively activating instruction: A quasi-experimental classroom intervention study” which appeared in the  Journal of Educational Psychology (DOI: 10.1037/edu0000266).

Media reports can be found at:

blick.ch: gezieltes-scheitern-verbessert-physikverstaendnis
swissinfo.ch: une-nouvelle-méthode-qui-aide-les-filles-en-physique
ethz.ch: new-physics-lessons-help-girls-catch-up