Is the Professor Bossy or Brilliant? Much Depends on Gender

People tend to think more highly of men than women in professional settings, praise men for the same things they criticize women for

By using data from 14 million student reviews on the Rate My Professors site, a university history professors just wanted to visualize large texts. But his charts reveal how students are influenced by stereotypes when evaluating their female and male professors: Women are bossy and annoying, and beautiful or ugly. Male professors are brilliant, awesome and knowledgeable.

Read more in Claire Cain Miller’s article “Is the Professor Bossy or Brilliant? Much Depends on Gender” in the New York Times, 6 February 2015.

Read more in Nicolas Kristof’s column “Straight Talk for White Men”, New York Times, 21 February 2015.

“So, come on, white men! Let’s just acknowledge that we’re all flawed, biased and sometimes irrational, and that we can do more to resist unconscious bias. That means trying not to hire people just because they look like us, avoiding telling a young girl she’s “beautiful” while her brother is “smart.” It means acknowledging systematic bias as a step toward correcting it.”
Nicolas Kristof