New appointment and promotion of women faculty

Appointment at ETH Zurich:

Anne Lacaton (*1955), currently a partner in the architecture firm Lacaton&Vassal, Paris, France, as Associate Professor of Architecture and Design. Anne Lacaton is an internationally acclaimed architect. Her designs and constructions make a clear statement in support of the human rather than the iconic. She shows great consideration for the concerns of the people involved, such as residents in areas undergoing redevelopment. Her design concepts aim to facilitate user participation. This applies to residential buildings just as much as to schools or museums. Through the appointment of Anne Lacaton, the Department of Architecture at ETH Zurich is gaining an academically outstanding teacher with socio-political integrity and a visionary approach to architecture.

Promotion at ETH Zurich:

Professor Paola Picotti (*1977), currently Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich, as Associate Professor of Molecular Systems Biology. Paola Picotti is a very promising young scientist who has gained international recognition in the field of quantitative biology. Her work has already been awarded a Latsis Prize by ETH Zurich and an ERC Starting Grant. Paola Picotti’s achievements include developing promising new technologies in the field of targeted proteomics to allow the rapid identification and quantification of specific proteins in complex mixtures. By using innovative approaches in the field of quantitative mass spectroscopy, Paola Picotti has not only earned an excellent reputation for developing new methods, but has also applied them to medically-related processes such as protein aggregation diseases.