New appointments, promotions and retirements of women faculty


Appointments at ETH Zurich

Professor Whitney Behr (*1981), currently Assistant Professor at the University of Texas, Austin, USA, as Associate Professor of Structural Geology and Tectonics. Whitney Behr studies questions relating to structural geology, the mechanics and rheology of the continental lithosphere, and quaternary geomorphology as a record that can be used to reconstruct deformation rates in faults. She combines field studies with laboratory experiments on rock deformation, and her research makes an important contribution to a better understanding of earthquake processes. With the appointment of Whitney Behr, the Department of Earth Sciences at ETH Zurich is expanding into the new research field of experimental rock mechanics.

Dr Andrea Burden (*1983), currently a post-doctoral student at the University of Maastricht, Netherlands, as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Pharmacoepidemiology. Andrea Burden is a promising young scientist. Her research, which has already won several awards, focuses on the use of pharmacoepidemiological methods to work on pharmacotherapy and drug safety in chronic disease. Andrea Burden is particularly interested in exploring the impact of obesity on the safety and effectiveness of medicines in inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Through her appointment, ETH Zurich is creating synergies within the Federal Institute and with the University of Zurich.

Professor Lenny Winkel (*1975), currently Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich and a group leader at Eawag, as Associate Professor of Environmental Inorganic Geochemistry. Lenny Winkel investigates the environmental behaviour of selenium and other trace elements – such as arsenic – that can affect health. She conducts research into sources, pathways and sinks of naturally occurring selenium and explores the production of volatile forms of selenium by marine phytoplankton. She also examines the deposition of atmospherically transported selenium in the soil, providing an insight into the role climate plays in the abundance of selenium in the soil. Lenny Winkel also makes a substantial and committed contribution to teaching in the Department of Environmental Systems Science.


Appointments at EPFL

Professor Carlotta Guiducci (*1977), currently Tenure Track Assistant Professor at EPFL, as Associate Professor of Bioengineering. Carlotta Guiducci’s research focuses on biomolecular analysis within microsystems. One of her specialist areas is the study of integration and interfacing in lab-on-a-chip devices. These are microfluidic systems which integrate all the functions of a full-size laboratory on a plastic substrate the size of a credit card. With her interdisciplinary approach and her focus on fundamental questions at the point where biology, electronics and biomedicine intersect, Carlotta Guiducci will make valuable contributions to a number of different research fields at EPFL.


Award of the title of Professor

Dr Katharina Maniura (*1964), currently Lecturer at ETH Zurich and Head of the Biointerfaces Department at Empa, as Adjunct Professor at ETH Zurich. Katharina Maniura and her research group at Empa in St. Gallen investigate how cells and tissues react to an implant, for example. This work breaks down the barriers between materials science, biology and medicine, and has attracted considerable attention internationally.


Departures from ETH Zurich

Professor Moira Norrie (*1953), currently Full Professor of Computer Science, will retire with effect from 1 August 2018. Moira Norrie has worked at ETH Zurich since 1993 and was appointed to her present post in 2002. Her research concentrates on technologies used in information systems, especially object-oriented XML and Internet-based technologies. She cultivates successful partnerships with industrial companies and has attracted significant research funding. Moira Norrie’s courses are received with great interest by students, as demonstrated by a large number of term papers and degree dissertations. She has also served on a large number of committees, both at ETH Zurich and externally, and was a manager at both institute and department level for many years.