New professorial appointments and promotions


Appointment at ETH Zurich:

Professor Ursula Renold (*1961), currently Senior Scientist at the Swiss Economic Institute (KOF) at ETH Zurich, as Full Professor of Education Systems. During her many years’ service as Director of the Federal Office for Professional Education and Technology, Ursula Renold has made a substantial contribution to the expansion of the professional education system and the universities of applied sciences. The main focus of her research is on comparative education systems and analysing the institutional framework conditions for education systems. Drawing on her experience in translational research, she has contributed to the evaluation and development of education systems in a number of countries. At ETH Zurich, Ursula Renold will be responsible for developing a Center on the Economics and Management of Education and Training Systems.

Appointment at EPFL:

Dr Tanja Käser (*1982), currently Senior Data Scientist at the Swiss Data Science Center of ETH Zurich, as Tenure Track Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Communication Systems. A brilliant international researcher, her interdisciplinary research combines computer science with educational science. With the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning, the creation of new algorithms or data mining, Tanja Käser analyzes, models, and predicts the learning behavior of human beings to allow, for example, the customization of learning tools. The creation of her laboratory within the School of Computer and Computer Sciences will create synergy with existing units to produce a strong pole of educational science at EPFL. It will feed a growing field of research in which EPFL is becoming the key scientific player.

Promotion at ETH Zurich:

Professor Maria Schönbächler (*1969), currently Associate Professor at ETH Zurich, as Full Professor of Isotope Geochemistry. Maria Schönbächler researches the origin and development of our solar system and planet Earth. She uses geochemical methods to investigate the processes that occurred before, during and after the Earth’s genesis. This includes the formation of the Earth and the solar system from the solar nebula, the Earth’s early evolutionary stages and the development of the first continents. Maria Schönbächler was awarded an ERC Starting Grant for her internationally acclaimed work. In addition to conducting her excellent research, she is highly committed to teaching, performing her departmental management duties and promoting equal opportunities at ETH Zurich.