Nudge to overcome the gender gap

Iris Bohnet, Professor for Public Policy and Academic Dean at Harvard Kennedy School, and her research team recommend to use the concept of nudge to close the gender gap in the workplace.

“Rather than trying to change beliefs that lead to stereotypes (…) making a switch in judgment modes may positively impact hiring promotion procedures. Because gender quotas are controversial, and diversity training provides few gains in eliminating gender imbalance in the workplace, instituting intelligent hiring and promotion procedures may go a long way toward creating a more equal playing field for professional women, while at the same time allowing organizations to attract and retain top employees.” (Lori Shridhare)

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“When performance trumps gender bias: joint versus separate evaluation” by Iris Bohnet, Alexandra van Geen, Max H. Bazerman, March 2014.

Article by Lori Shridhare “When Performance Trumps Gender Bias: Joint vs. Separate Evaluation”, in Impact – Research from Harvard Kennedy School, summer 2011.