Scenario: 22 – 25% women professors until 2023

The Swiss Federal Statistical Office published its scenarios about the education system in Switzerland for the years 2014 to 2023.

According to the hiring rate in the past years and the low retirement rate in the coming years, the figures of all professorships are expected to remain constant in the examined period. The “demand” for new professors is expected to slow down considerably compared to the recent years.

The trend to hire specifically women professors at Swiss universities is expected to continue, though on a low level. Quite a few women have been appointed since the past ten years when their share of all professors nearly doubled from 9.7% in 2002 up to 18% in 2012. The Swiss Federal Statistical Office expects that the share of women professors at all Swiss universities will reach between 22% and 25%. Itemized by faculty, the percentage will be probably over 30% in Humanities and Social Sciences. However in the STEM fields as well as Medical Sciences, the percentage of women professors is expected to stay below 20%.

“2014-2023 Education System Scenarios” by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office is available in German and French.  Download the full reports here…