SNSF Consolidator Grants 2022 for Rachel Grange and Julia Schmale

Congratulations to Prof. Rachel Grange and Prof. Julia Schmale for receiving the SNSF Consolidator, where women researchers lead 14 of the 30 awarded projects.

Due to Switzerland’s current status as a non-associated third country in the Horizon Europe Framework Programme, the SNSF launched the transitional measure “SNSF Consolidator Grants 2022” on behalf of the Swiss government. The measure is aimed at researchers who want to carry out their research work in Switzerland and to consolidate their scientific independence.

After a two-stage evaluation process, the SNSF decided to fund 30 projects out of the 182 applications it received for SNSF Consolidator Grants 2022. The approved projects will be allocated a budget of approximately 54 million francs for an average period of 5 years.

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