Suliana Manley and Sylvie Roke Elected APS Fellows


The ETH-WPF congratulates EPFL Professors Suliana Manley (School of Basic Sciences) and Sylvie Roke (School of Engineering) have been elected Fellows of the American Physical Society.

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Suliana Manley’s research focuses on the dynamic assembly of proteins and on developing a physical paradigm for how proteins form mesoscale assemblies. Her lab develops and uses automated super-resolution fluorescence imaging techniques combined with live cell imaging and single molecule tracking to determine how the dynamics of protein assembly are coordinated.

Sylvie Roke’s research focuses on understanding the molecular-level details of water-related biological processes. Her lab investigates such process on various length scales and with varying degrees of complexity, using a number of cutting-edge techniques including second harmonic scattering, sum frequency scattering, wide-field multiphoton microscopy, and modelling.

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