Swiss university dissolves astronomy institute

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You may have seen or heard about the articles that appeared in the NZZ am Sonntag on October 22, 2017.

This has now been picked up by Science. Full article

The article in Science also comments on an open letter of support. The article states:

In an open letter of support, they write that Carollo and Lilly are leaders in the field who have “built an absolutely world class astronomical institute in less than a decade.” The letter notes that Carollo’s first five Ph.D. students all are now in tenure-track positions—something that happens to only about 15% of Ph.D.s, the letter says. It adds that a 30% dropout rate is not unusual in prestigious Ph.D. programs. “She has been unusually dedicated to her students,” the letter says. “If at times she comes across as a relentless task master, this owes to her commitment to her students and desire to maximise their career chances.””